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here is an authentic, social map of places worth sharing and remembering - whether it be a special place in your hometown, an amazing spot from your travels, or the location of breaking news.

map feed

truly understand what you're looking at. putting content on a map gives you its context... so you get a fuller, truer story.

hashtag maps

discover and map anything - no matter how popular or niche it is - you can finally find a map of what you're looking for: #StreetArt, #OldDoors, #ClassOf2018, #FoodDeserts

honest documentation

the real world - literally... and finally! all here content is posted at its real location and time stamped with its real time (no camera roll uploads). and no camera filters or editing - just real places the way they really look. it's so much less stressful to just be real.

places not faces

a break from selfie overload - here is a platform that focuses more on places than on faces (no selfie camera).

hyper relevant exploration

find what matters to you. building an itinerary, looking for inspiration, or doing research has never been this fast and easy. filter for content by user age, user gender, time-of-day, time-of-year, category type, and hashtag.

democratize discovery

discovery powered by your curiosity - not algorithms. the world is at your fingertips - literally. explore every corner the way you want to and see what you discover.

curated travel plans

favorite other’s content to build a perfectly tailored map guide for any visit, road trip or journey.

real social

connect with locals and other travelers near you or at a distant location for current and authentic details on that place.