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I think of “place” as the ultimate context for content.  How many times have you seen an amazing photo and thought, ” wow…where is that?” – with here you know immediately where it is – and what’s around it.

You take photos with here just as you do with many apps on your phone  – but with here all content is displayed to you on a MapFeed, instead of a newsfeed. Just knowing where something is tells you so much about a place without having to caption anything.  The relationship a place has with its surroundings, as well as its accessibility to you, I think are important aspects of a place and a map interface helps that become more apparent to a user.

How to use here:

    1.  Use here to personally document cool or meaningful places where you live or that you discover when you explore… places that you want to remember or places that you’d recommend to friends. Your MapFeed profile will become your personal map of every place that means something to you and will be a quick and easy place for you to access photos from your favorite places near and far. You won’t have to dig through albums or scroll way back in a newsfeed… just spin around the map and zoom in on places you’ve been to see your old posts/memories.
    2. As more and more people document their “places worth sharing” you’ll be able to access those places via the main/public MapFeed and find new places that you want to explore based off their posts. You can filter your MapFeed by age, gender, time-of-day, and category to find exactly the type of places that would be relevant/interesting to you.
So if you’re say 30 years old… instead of reading an outdated forum or  guide book written by people you don’t have much in common with. You can say –
Show me all content:
  • Posted in the last week
  • By men
  • Aged 27-35
  • Related to architecture
  • And I want to see these places at sunset… so only show me content posted from 6PM to 9PM
  • And I want it to be gothic architecture so use #gothic
Then a map of the world appears with only content that matches these filters…zoom into the map and explore the world the way you want to.  Going to Paris… but as you zoom in you see there is a smaller city a short train ride away… you would have missed it in a newsfeed or a targeted Paris Google search, but the MapFeed shows you a place in context of other places so you discover not only more… but more relevant.

here places content based on your phone’s GPS coordinates…so locations that you find aren’t just grouped together under a business name. So even inside a city park or Disneyland or a museum… your content is pinning to different specific spots… the front gate, to the west wing, to the back garden. Not everything falls under an official business name – so here is great for finding street art, or the perfect perspective of a city scape to watch the sunset.

Authentic content is also a priority with here:

  • No pictures can be uploaded from your phone’s camera roll ( bonus: no memes or screen grabs! )
  • Only real-time content taken in the moment and taken in its real location (based on your GPS) can be posted.
  • No phone camera filters or editing. here shows the raw truth of a place and takes away the stress of the user having to make the “perfect” picture to show off on the platform.
  • No selfie-camera – here is about places not persons.

here is about places not persons… but that doesn’t mean we don’t think about you. Other social media platforms make it really easy to post content – almost too easy. But sometimes with that ease comes lazy content creation. By making sure all photos are real-time and real-place we make sure they are from the real content creator. You – the person that got outside to explore – flew around the world to see that thing you’ve alway wanted to see – you are the person that should have that content – and with here it lives with you and only with you. Big aggregator social media accounts can’t screen grab your image and share it – taking attention away from you. If you aren’t at that place, then you can’t post about that place. This feature makes sure that only the true explorers are getting to populate the MapFeed and share their amazing, authentic content with the world.

Regarding filtering photos – with here we want to decrease the amount of time people are spending on their screen when they are at a place. We want people to be here… to be present at their location – not filtering colors, writing funny text, or making puppy faces of themselves. With here, snap a picture of the place around you and post… if you want you can even go back and edit the details ( name and caption) later.


here is for “places worth sharing”… so if its not a place you’d want to tell people about, think before you share it. However every time you post content, you have the option to make it public ( the default) or private. Private is there for two reasons:

    1. If you want to document a place that is super special to you, or a place where you’ve had a meaningful personal moment, you can document it like a private journal by making the post private. Then it only shows to you on your personal map feed.
    2. If you don’t want to share your location in real time for safety concerns… then post a picture as private and then when you leave that location you can edit the post to make it public.
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