There are many social media platforms out there. So why spend time running another one? The here – places worth sharing  platform has many advantages for your business that will: generate more awareness, generate more leads, be less work to maintain,  be less expensive, be less stressful, and be more ethical than the status quo social media landscape.

+ With ‘NewsFeeds’ on other social platforms – you are constantly having to create new & expensive content and post thing multiple times a day to stay in front of people. The here  ‘MapFeed ‘is a lot less needy. Your here  posts actually stay on the ‘MapFeed’ – it’s like you’ve planted a flag in the ground stating that we’ve been here! So each here post has more value because it stays relevant and discoverable.

+ #Hashtag Maps – a here #Hashtag Map allows you to work with your community to build a real-time, crowdsourced map of your brand or organization’s reach.  Any content that people post with #YourBrand will show up on its #Hashtag Map. You now have a visual, always fresh map of everywhere your brand is around the world! This will help you and your community connect more easily with each other… it’s using social media to help foster true social interaction both on and offline line.

+ The here  ‘MapFeed’ is the basis of our ‘democratize discovery’ mission. Your content has the same chance to be discovered as anyone else’s content. There is a direct correlation between your effort to post quaility information in interesting places and the amount of awareness you’ll receive.

+ Curiosity powered search – we aren’t using algorithms to show people what “we” think they want to see. This means there is no room for “pay to play” exposure on the MapFeed… again going back to our ‘democratize discovery’ mission.

+ Authenticity is another critical peice of here. We don’t allow camera-roll uploads – so all content is made in app and posted based off it’s real time and location. We also don’t support in-app filtering or editing. These measures where put in place in hopes to discourage as much fake bot and spam activity as possible. So you know when you engage with people on here  they could be a real lead and not a robot trying to get you to follow a spam account. On that note – we also don’t show the number of people that follow you or that you follow – cause why does it matter? Whether you’re a small brand with 10 customers or a big brand with 10 million customers – here lets the quaility of your content speak for itself.

+ Whether you have one location or one thousand locations – make sure that you encourage your patrons to make a post about you durning their visit. That post is added to their personal “MapFeed”, which is their curated list of places worth sharing and remembering, and is also added to the public ‘MapFeed’ so others can discover it. And since people might be filtering the public ‘MapFeed’ by age, gender, time of day, or time of year you want to make sure your location has as much representation of your target demographic as possible. This allows one type of customer to see your location through the eyes of another customer just like them.

If you have any additional questions or thoughts on how you could use here – places worth sharing for your business don’t hesitate to reach out to us.