Why can’t I upload from my phone’s camera roll? 

We want here to be a collection of super authentic content that our community can trust is accurate and honest. One way we do this is by not allowing users to post from their phone’s camera roll. By removing that function, your MapFeed will now be free of: screen shots of who knows what, outdated photos like #TBT and old baby pics of your parents, and photos posted by people that did not actually take them. Real-place, real-time content is the backbone of here.

What do you mean by “democratize discovery”?

You don’t have to travel the globe to be an explorer. Exploring your own city or surrounding area can be an amazing adventure producing a vast number of cool places and things to share with the world. We’ve found that too often the same places are getting all the attention. There is more to do in a place beyond what you find on an internet Top Ten list. Because of how you search on here with the MapFeed, you are naturally exposed to new places that you might not have even been looking for.

Maybe you want to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris. So you zoom in on your MapFeed to the tower, but while doing so you see clusters of photos around the tower. You check out those places and now have discovered something you would have missed… partly because you never even knew to search for it. Maybe on your MapFeed you find a town outside of Paris that is incredible at half the cost and with a third the crowds… and you skip Paris all together!

Beyond leveling the playing field for discovering places, here also allows for true explorers to get proper exposure. Since users have to post content in real-time and at their real GPS location – no one can pretend to be somewhere they aren’t and post content from that place. Meaning only the explorers that took the time, money, and effort to get to that cool mountaintop, desert oasis, or back alley full of street art will be able to claim that place on their MapFeed and share it with the world. No algorithms making the popular people, more popular. Only those that explore and discover, can share those places.

Why can’t I use my phone’s front facing (selfie) camera?

We built here to bring places the attention they deserve. There are plenty of other places on the internet to post a selfie, so let’s try to keep here  about what’s around you and not just you. You have a beautiful face, but let’s see that beautiful place. 🙂

Why can’t I visually filter my photos?

Hey we all love a pretty photo, but there are places to find amazing photos if you need a new screen saver or phone background image. With here we want places to be honestly represented. Too many times we’ve seen a place transformed into something it’s not with in-app photo filters.

We also want to take away that pressure that has become a mainstay in today’s social media world – having to post the “perfect” picture. With here all content is coming from only phone cameras and no one can filter. So all users are on a level playing field regarding content creation. Please take a great photo – but focus on natural lighting, finding a nice angle or composing a nice frame. That will be much better than just planning on upping the saturation or bringing in more orange. I think we’ve all had enough fake… being real is less stressful and more fun.

Where is my newsfeed?

We opted out of a newsfeed in favor of our MapFeed. Newsfeeds show you information with little to no context. Viewing a photo of a beautiful place with a friend’s baby picture above it and a screen shot of a silly tweet below is just not the experience we want our community to have on here. Using your MapFeed means you not only know where that place is – but you know what’s around it and  how accessible it is.

Additionally the MapFeed helps with our goal to “democratize discovery”. Instead of algorithms showing you what they think you want to see – or what someone else wants you to see – your MapFeed lets you explore. It almost forces you to find things you normally wouldn’t come across – places that may be just one street over that you might love. If you keep looking at the same things over and over – from the same perspective – you’ll never see anything new.

How do I use the content filters?

The content filters are there so you can get super specific in your searches. With here you are able to find exactly what you’re looking for anywhere in the world. Filter the MapFeed content by:

  • Username – See the content of a friend or a cool brand.
  • Hashtag – Example: filter for #FerrisWheel and see everywhere in the world Ferris Wheels are located.
  • Following: Only see the posts from the people you follow.
  • Favorites: See all the photos you’ve favorited – perfect for trip planning.
  • Age – Age of the person that made the post – what are people in their 20s doing vs people in their 60s?
  • Gender – Gender of the person that made the post.
  • Age of Post – Get recent, up-to-date content.
  • Time of Day – Example: see posts only made in the morning – or made during sunset.
  • Categories – Only show posts that fall under certain categories like nature or architecture.
  • Status – only show posts that you’ve never seen/opened before.

These filters have the potential to be insanely awesome! Think about searching for something and having all the results shared in an accurate, timely and authentic map interface. Think beyond just showing everywhere in the world where you can find #gelato. Think of crowd-sourced, real-time mapping of: #GlobalWarming, #HumanRightsViolations or #EBOLA.

What if I don’t want people to know my location?

“Places worth sharing” is what here is all about. So you maybe shouldn’t be posting from places that are usually thought of as private – your bathroom, your house, your gym locker room.  With here you post places that you want to remember or where you’ve made great memories – places that you’d want to revisit or take friends to if they came to visit you.

However, every time you post content, you have the option to make it public or private. We made private posts an option for two reasons:

  1. If you want to document a place that is super special to you, or a place where you’ve had a meaningful personal moment, you can document it like a private journal by making the post private. Then it only shows to you on your personal map feed.
  2. If you don’t want to share your location in real time for safety concerns… then post a picture as private and then when you leave that location you can edit the post to make it public.

What if i’m at a really cool place but don’t have wifi or cell signal?

With here when you take your picture/video we capture the time and the GPS coordinates all at once. Then you can choose when you actually post it (make it live on the MapFeed). You can do it right away if you want or it can pend until whenever you’re ready. We do this for two reasons:

1. You might not have wifi or cell service at that particular location – so now you can grab the picture/video from that location and then finish submitting the post once you get back to an internet source. The content will post based off the time and GPS location where the photo/video was MADE not posted. Perfect for your camping trip or excursion to Antarctica!

2. When you’re out exploring we want you to stay present and in-the-moment as much as you can. So here lets you document that place and then put you’re phone away so you can properly experience what’s around you. Then when you have down time you can finish the details of your post and make it live.

Can I not add a bio or website link to my profile?

In your app settings – go to your “Edit User Setting” – you can read more about our Plus accounts there. Plus is free – it’s just invite/apply only to make sure the community stays focused on travel and destinations.


Own a brand or run a business and thinking about using here – places worth sharing… read this.